At PorterHouse, we believe that Better Properties and Better Management lead to a Better Cash Flow and a Better Experience.

Better Properties.

Many property management firms focus on low-end properties simply because they are easier to obtain the management business on and find a qualified tenant much easier. But such properties can offer a limited return to investors due to higher maintenance costs, collection problems, and lower appreciation over time. At PorterHouse Company, LLC, we focus on mid-range and above properties that can demand higher rent payments, attract more dependable tenants, and truly increase in value over time.

Better Management.

We are experts in acquisition, renovation, and property management. We are hands-on managers who enjoy building personal relationships with the property owners. We know the real estate market, so we know how to maximize cash flow in good economic times and bad.

Better Cash Flow.

We wait for the right deals and buy quality properties at below market value, creating instant equity for you. We then renovate those properties to maximize their value, which allows us to find quality tenants, creating an immediate cash flow for you. We maintain the properties to high standards, which results in happier tenants, and happy tenants potentially mean less turn-over. The result is a steadier cash flow as well as a higher resell value.

Simply put, better properties and better management equal better returns. The formula is simple, but the work is hard and the time commitment is significant. That’s why we’re here. We know that you want someone to handle all aspects of your real estate investments.

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